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Race Across America and tips for recovery and maintaining mobility during an ultra endurance, multiple day event

Balance welcomed Rachelle Healy into our facility yesterday (May 28th 2014). Her mission was to gather tips and tools to help her support the Spinhaler cycling teamSpinhalers cycling team of riders taking part in the Race Across America. “Race Across America (RAAM) is known as one the most respected and oldest endurance sports events in […]

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World class footballers quickly caught up with the Balance Performance team on BodyHelix compression

World class footballers quickly caught up with the Balance Performance team in realising Body Helix provided the highest quality compression to prevent injury and recover faster. Robin Van Persie is an excellent example! To see the full BodyHelix compression sleeve range before visiting our shop go to: http://www.shop.balancephysio.com/collections/rehabilitation/support

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Balance Team at the London Triathlon

Congratulations to Alistair and Jonny Brownlee on their terrific performance in the Olympic Triathlon. Triathon is the fastest growing sport in the UK and we are delighted to see growing numbers of tri- athletes coming into Balance each season to receive treatment, improve their preparations and recovery from competition. We continue to work and support […]

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CrossCore® Rotational Bodyweight Training™: Perfect for ANYbody or training style

Another guest blog from JP Brice of CrossCore USA. We have a piece to follow about JPs personal story with CrossCore 180 and how even as a very strong bodybuilder Rotational Bodyweight Training™ helped him with his chronic low backpain. In meantime here is why CrossCore USA are so passionate about the CrossCore180® and why Balance Performance […]

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